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20 September 2011 @ 12:29 am
ヘンリーはかわいいです [Henry wa Kawaii desu!]  
title:  ヘンリーはかわいいです [Henry wa Kawaii desu!] 
Author: jhengchie
pairing: KyuMin, HenWook, henmin and SJMXHenry
subject: crack, fluff, fail
rating: PG
 Summary: Because they find Henry cute and fluffy!
Prompt: Sungmin loves cute things and Henry is one of them.
a/n:  Randomly thought of this again~ and oh~~ Min really adored the mochi.. the MV making and even photoshoot had Henmin moments.. ok this is really going everywhere.. the story has no direction whatsoever~ forgive me~